The Artists


If you want to meet a typical local artist; Aniel is your guy. Aniel started out in the graffiti scene around 1985 and can therefore be called one of the most experienced man in the graffiti scene. He is a renowned artist in Rotterdam and the artwork he has created for Rewriters, de Gouvernestraat, was previously also featured with one of his works.

Bier & Brood

Bier&Brood, the men of Rotterdam who can do magic with the non-colours black and white, but when necessary also know where to find the coulours. This duo focusses on realistic paintings and are known for their detailed work. Besides street art they also associate themselves with other graphic work. For instance they have created illustrations for the Volkskrant (Dutch newspaper). To see their other associated work and their street art, you can keep an eye on their website.


Without a doubt this is the most colourful group of Rotterdam. Monsters, colours, animals, colours, cartoons, extra colours…Lastplak is a graffiti/street art-crew that consists of 9 members. Their first project for Rewriters were made by Ox-Alien, Sake, Pinwin, Grrt, Boortorrie en Oles with the help of the extern painters: June, Edo Rath, 6of7 & KBTR. Want to know what they are up to? Then it’s best to watch their ‘own website link’ from time to time.


Ready2Rumbl is an artist who mostly works on his own. He is part of the graffiti scene since the age of 17, this is evident when looking at his high leveled work. His work contains several subjects; pizza slices, huge hamburgers but also cartoons/animals fit him perfectly and with his own t-shirt designs he is ready to share his world with America. Lots of colour, food, cartoons and animals, can it get any better? No, didn’t think so, interested? Check his work on Facebook.