Rotterdam Street Art Route

The Route

Rotterdam has an enormous amount of impressive street art, which can be seen in Rewriter010’s walking route. The main tour starts at Rotterdam Central Station and will guide you through our beautiful harbour city.

You will see several areas in the city center and discover the many faces that Rotterdam has to offer. Wall paintings have been created by different local artists especially for the Rewriters010. They all represent their own style in different pieces of art which gives each artwork something unique. The route is an ever changing tour since the Rewriters010 is a combination of old and new artwork, thus the route has an open mind when it comes down to giving the visitor the best experience on street art in Rotterdam.

The main tour can also be walked with the free downloadable map you can print yourself. Street art is a very dynamic art form though: artworks sometimes can disappear as soon as new works can appear. To ensure you enjoy the most current version of the tour, we advise you to download the app, which is updated regularly.

Sub routes
In the spring of 2016 the main tour the Rotterdam’s city center was launched, along with the official Rewriters010 mobile app. At the end of 2017, a second tour was launched. This tour takes you through Crooswijk, Rotterdam’s oldest neighborhood, where you can view over 17 artworks. Both tours can be found within the app. Meanwhile, we’re hard at work to make sure even more neighborhoods in Rotterdam will have their own street art tour.

Legal Areas
The Schuttersveld square in Crooswijk also houses the first legal graffiti wall in Rotterdam. This ‘Hall Of Fame’ also is the first Wallspot location in The Netherlands. With the app or the website, everyone in the world can make a reservation for a registered wall, so they can paint it in peace. And one of those walls is the 204 m2 in Crooswijk.

That makes the Hall of Fame at Schuttersveld not only an internationally appealing location, but an accessible podium for young and local talent to develop their skills and style. Within weeks the Hall of Fame became a dynamic location. New paintings appear and disappear here all the time, so it offers a beautiful view at exactly what’s happening in Rotterdam’s street art scene at this very moment! Of course, we endeavor to create more legal spaces like it in Rotterdam.