Rotterdam Street Art Route (RSAR)

The Route

The Rotterdam Street Art Tour (RSAR) is the first Rewriters project that has seen the light of day in the spring of 2016. The tour starts at Rotterdam Central Station and will guide you through our beautiful harbour city.

You will see several areas in the city center and discover the many faces that Rotterdam has to offer. Wall paintings have been created by different local artists especially for the RSAR. They all represent their own style in different pieces of art which gives each artwork something unique. The route is an ever changing tour since the RSAR is a combination of old and new artwork, thus the route has an open mind when it comes down to giving the visitor the best experience on street art in Rotterdam.

Sub Routes

The launch of the basic route and its application have been knocking on your door and now our minds are focussed on the future. A bright future where the route will have several sub routes that will focus on the other areas of Rotterdam. When these routes have been developed it will be possible to create your own personal route through the street art of Rotterdam.

Legal Areas

Almost all communities and cities surrounding Rotterdam have legal spaces, where it is possible to paint your own art on a wall, at their disposal. Rotterdam is lacking the creation of these places, therefore another long term goal of Rewriters is to give Rotterdam the chance to catch up with different styles of art in the open air.