Rewriters App

Rewriters App

It’s a wrap! After hard work we can say that the app can be downloaded in the app stores! (Android & iOS)

The route has a length of 7 kilometres and will lead you along the works of mainly exists of local artists. Twelve new paintings have been realized especially for this project. With the Rewriters-app you will receive background information (both text and audio) per artwork and it is also possible to see works that have “disappeared” over time. Thus next to new work there is also appreciation for the rich graffiti/street art history of the harbour city. The route can be downloaded via Wi-Fi which makes it possible to walk the route without internet access. The application will be updated continuously with the newest street art and therefore there is always something to discover.

In order for you to receive all the background information on the artworks and the artist(s), all artworks are supported by text and audio. Besides all the highlights of the route in the city centre of Rotterdam, there can be found more street art which is not immediately on the route. These artworks can be found by clicking the green exclamation marks.

If you want to walk the complete route, you should make sure that you will start at Rotterdam Central Station. Put on your GPS and internet connection and you are ready to discover the city. From this moment the Rewriters-app is your personal guide and it will show you the way along countless street artworks. Don’t feel like walking the whole route? No problem. You can start anywhere you want in Rotterdam. The app will find the nearest artwork and enables you to walk the route from that point. Next to that it is possible to downloade the route via Wi-Fi. Switch the offline button underneath the route highlights. This enables you to walk the route without using an internet connection (only GPS).

We were planning on releasing the app for free, but we have put and will put so much time into the app that we have decided to ask a small fee from our users. In return we can keep the route up to date and add multiple sub routes in the different areas of Rotterdam!